School @ Home Curriculum Solutions for South Africa – was founded in South Africa in 2013. We strive to be the leading provider of standards based home schooling solutions in South Africa for grades R – 12.

We specialize in the provision of cutting edge home schooling solutions for the South African market.

Virtualschools offers a refreshing new choice to the learner of the digital age. We have put together various blended learning solutions for grades R – 12. All of our solutions are fully compliant with the South African curriculum standards (CAPS).

Taking control of one’s education places the responsibility in the hands of both parents and learners alike. Our component based learning plans empower students of all ages  to successfully complete a home based education in a distance learning like environment. Its like having your own virtual school right in your hands. The curriculum consists of a blended mix between online lessons, textbooks, study pland and practical projects and assignments.

We see our role as assisting the parent/guardian/tutor in maintaining a high standard of education by standardization of the curriculum as well as presenting study material to the learner in a simple, concise and understandable way.

NOTE: Please note that is curriculum advisor to home schooling families in South Africa.

Virtual schools is a division of BLC educational investments and trading as Syllabis Learning

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