Grade R


Grade R – Your First Year of Learning

Grade R is the first formal year of school. Students are usually between 4.5 and 5.5 years old. The study in grade R covers the following;

  1. ABC / 123 – The Alphabet and Number Set.
  2. Play and Learn – A number of fun activities to be completed.
  3. A Number of defined components such as:
    1. The human body.
    2. Shapes.
    3. Animals.
    4. Sports.
    5. Jobs and Careers.
    6. Plants.
    7. Fish and the Oceans.
    8. Space and Earth.
    9. Senses
    10. Vegetables and Fruit
    11. Days, months, years and seasons
    12. Others…

The Curriculum is aligned to the South African National Curriculum.

Base Cost: R3000 (Subject to change without notice)

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