Coronavirus and Education

Syllabis Learning: You, too, can Home-school the children or arrange for tutoring during the COVID-19 crisis with Syllabis Learning, a registered distance education provider.

We offer the following services during this trying and stressful time:

  1. Online Tutoring
  2. In Home Tutoring / Au Pair Facilities
  3. Child Minding
  4. Group Tutoring at our Learning Centers.
  5. Online Access to our Curriculum
  6. Other Education Services Available. Please consult our guide.

Even if your employer is supporting you working from home, you still have to work, so it’s important for you and your kids to understand that little thing called ‘the art of the possible.’

With the president telling us all bluntly to stay home, does the prospect of playing substitute teacher for your kids for the next few weeks make you anxious? I’m here to reassure you. You won’t find it easy, but you’ll do a fine job. Everything is going to be OK.

The first rule is: Manage your expectations. Even if your employer is supporting you working from home, you still must work. Have a frank and open discussion with them about it, tell them what you expect and let them express themselves too. Your home should be a safe space.

Keep in mind that home-schooling isn’t school

The most important thing to keep in mind about temporary home-schooling is that it’s simply not the same as “regular” school.

Kids used to the school environment won’t be as focused. Lessons won’t be as professional as the ones they’re used to getting. Since local governments are encouraging people to minimize interactions with others, socializing will be hard.

Make a schedule

Once you and your kids have identified the subjects they’ll study, make a schedule and display it in a place where everyone in the family can see it.

Recognize that kids have different needs

Recognizing that children have different needs that need to be met can get complicated in families with several children.

Incorporate recess

In a typical school setting, kids can go to recess or get some sort of outdoor time during the day. Home-schooling shouldn’t be any different.

Downtime is your friend

Downtime, or time for children to work on things quietly and independently, is just as important as activity time outside.

Use arts and crafts

Art is an important part of education, and home-schooling provides parents with an opportunity to get creative with crafts.

How can Syllabis Learning Help?

From the outset, Syllabis has developed the perfect alternative to traditional, mainstream schooling over the past few years, our very own CAPS-based home-schooling curriculum! More and more parents are choosing to home school their children as a viable and preferable alternative, with all that goes on in schools these days it’s an easy choice to make!

For more info on our curriculum, please contact us for a copy of our homeschooling guide!

If you’d like to register or find more info, feel free to fill out the enquiry document on the right

We are also running specials on online tutoring, just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean it needs to come at the expense of your education! Call us on 087 808 6972 Today!

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